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Columbus Day, 2015

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the webpage of Discoveries, the online academic newsletter of the South Central Renaissance Conference. At this, my inaugural communication, it gives me great pleasure to thank outgoing editor Arlen Nydam for his past efforts, and to thank the editorial board for continuing on.

As an academic newsletter, Discoveries aims to influence and invigorate the field of Renaissance scholarship by way of its online bulletin board and its biennial publications of brief, empirically grounded peer-reviewed scholarly notes and its terse, penetrating reviews of scholarly books.


The Discoveries bulletin board, updated in real time, is designed to facilitate scholarship in progress in the fields of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century art, music, literature and religious and political history. On the Discoveries Bulletin Board, visitors to the site will find posted, for each current semester,

(1) Announcements from the leadership of South Central Renaissance Conference and its affiliated organizations,

(2) Calls for Papers, where scholarly organizations in the fields of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century studies may post announcements for conferences and essay collections,

(3) Calls for Collaboration, whereby scholars can solicit assistance with ongoing or future research projects from other scholars who have specific skills, convenient access to particular library and museum resources, or similar interests, by offering a very brief solicitation of the work to be done (50 to 100 words), and their contact information.

Persons wishing to submit to the Bulletin Board ought send their communications to the editor at


As an academic newsletter published twice a year, Discoveries boasts the flexibility of an electronic publication and durability and ease of indexing of a journal published in print. Published in codified form in .pdf format, articles in Discoveries shall be paginated, and, in this format, shall be sent off to the scholarly indexing services, including MLA International Bibliography, to make its contributors’ findings widely known. The html version of the articles shall also be made available onsite with references to this pagination. Published on an online platform in html, Discoveries is a particularly friendly format for publishing scholarly examinations of visual or audio evidence. Within the frontmatter of the newsletter shall be codified the bulletin board of the prior semester, so the transactions that enabled prior scholarship shall forever be preserved.

In terms of its scholarly content, Discoveries is particularly interested in publishing brief, factually intensive articles whose keen attention to evidence corrects a common misunderstanding informing a specific, well-defined controversy in Renaissance studies or whose introduction of an important new or overlooked piece of evidence into the conversation is likely to influence the field. Discoveries also publishes brief reviews of books (250-500 words) on sixteenth- and seventeenth-century topics: in evaluating these books, reviewers keep these same criteria in mind.

The essays that Discoveries looks to publish are no more than 3000-words long. Submissions may focus on any topic relevant to sixteenth- and seventeenth-century culture. Contributors should submit their essays, double-spaced, in word or rtf format to the editor at Submissions should be formatted in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style, endnote style. Image files should be sent as jpeg files to the editor in a separate attachment from the essay. All submissions shall be double-blind peer-reviewed. Upon acceptance, authors are responsible for permissions.

The language in which the journal publishes is English. Nonetheless, native Spanish-speaking scholars interested in publishing in Discoveries are invited to send their essays to the editor for initial evaluation and assistance in scholarly translation to make them ready for double-blind peer-review.

Those scholars or publishers who wish to have their books reviewed by Discoveries should send a copy of the book to be reviewed to the book review editor or to the editor-in-chief, J.P. Conlan, Department of English, PO Box 23356, College of Humanities, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, San Juan, PR 00931-3356.

Thank you for visiting Discoveries. The editorial board and I look forward to making your frequent visits to the site worthwhile.

Fair winds,

J. P. Conlan, Ph.D., Esquire,
Editor-in-Chief, Discoveries
Professor of English
PO Box 23356
College of Humanities
University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus
San Juan, PR 00931-3356

James Conlan

Assistant Editor
Brian Brooks, Oklahoma State University

Book Review Editor
Martha Oberle

Editorial Board
Lester Brothers, Musicology
University of Central Missouri

Liana Cheney, Art History
SIELAE, Universidad de Coruña, Spain

Megan Conway, Foreign Literature
Louisiana State University-Shreveport

Irving Kelter, History
University of St. Thomas