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Minutes of the Business Meeting of
The South-Central Renaissance Conference
10 March 2007

SCRC acting President Maurice Hunt called the meeting to order at 8:01 a.m. and gave the membership a chance to read the minutes from last year’s meeting. Megan Conway then moved to approve the minutes. Seconded, the motion carried.

Next, acting President Hunt brought forward the following slate of candidates as selected by the nominations committee:

2007/08 President: Maurice Hunt 2007/08 Vice President: Christopher Baker 2009 Program Chair: Brian Steele Les Brothers (musicology) and Susan Silver (French literature) for three-year terms (2007/08-2009/10) as board members Executive Secretary-Treasurer (2007/08-2009/10): Patricia Marie Garcia

After a motion and a second to accept the slate of candidates as nominated, the motion carried with unanimous assent.

Acting President Hunt then informed the membership that Don Dickson and Liana de Girolamo Cheney had been selected as “lifetime members” in recognition for their longstanding service and devotion to the SCRC. The announcement was greeted with great applause and acclamation.

Next, President Hunt informed the board that the 2008 conference will be held in Kansas City, the 2009 conference in Philadelphia, and that the board is considering Corpus Christi and Tucson as prospective sites thereafter.

He then informed the membership that the board had approved the following motions at the executive board meeting:

  1. “Beginning in 2008, $1000 each will allocated for invited speakers (Martz, Hunter, and keynote) from North America, and up to $1250 for invited speakers from outside North America, with the appropriate sponsoring organization providing as much of those funds as possible.”
  2. “Beginning in 2008, during in any year in which contributions to the Graduate Student Travel Award total less than $500, the SCRC will pay the difference between $500 and the amount of that year’s contribution so as ensure the awarding of at least two GSTA’s each year.”
  3. “The SCRC will pay a minimum of two nights’ stay (minus incidentals) for each of our invited speakers (Martz, keynote, Hunter).”

Next, acting President Hunt called for the following reports:

  1. Treasurer’s report. Sean Benson reported that the SCRC’s finances continue to be very healthy: last year at this time the organization had a net worth of $29,316; this year that figure is $32,848, an increase of nearly $3500. This figure represents a historic high for the SCRC.
  2. Discoveries. Editor David Reinheimer mentioned the continuing progress of the publication and invited the membership to take and distribute fliers with them when they visit other conferences as a way of increasing Discoveries’ visibility.
  3. Explorations in Renaissance Culture. Editor Frances Malpezzi reported that the publication of volume 32 is now complete and that the journal currently has 19 essays that have been accepted and another half dozen in the review process. Thus, there is sufficient material for Volume 33 (2007) and part of Volume 34 (2008).

    Maurice Hunt then noted that Frances has agreed to chair the publications committee and will thus direct our efforts to expand and increase the readership of the journal.
  4. George Klawitter then rose to solicit book reviews (750 words) for Discoveries, and he expressed a desire especially for reviews from art historians and musicologists among us. He promised a free copy of the book to anyone who writes a review.

Acting President Hunt then recognized Les Brothers, our local arrangements host in Kansas City, and Jill Carrington, the 2008 program chair, both of whom issued an invitation to attend Exploring the Renaissance 2008: An International Conference. Les Brothers mentioned the accommodations that he had secured, which are conveniently situated close to two art museums as well as Country Club Plaza. Finally, Jill Carrington issued an invitation for papers for the 2008 conference in Kansas City.

Hearing no further business, acting President Hunt declared the meeting adjourned at 8:22 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sean Benson
2006/07 Secretary-Treasurer