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Exploring the Renaissance:
An International Conference

Houston, TX         9-11 March 2006

Sponsored by:

  • The South-Central Renaissance Conference
  • The University of St. Thomas
  • The Queen Elizabeth I Society
  • The Society for Renaissance Art History
  • The Andrew Marvell Society
  • Baylor University


Thursday events take place at the Doubletree Hotel Houston Downtown

Friday and Saturday events (except for the Queen's Revels)
take place at University of St. Thomas

Registration 1:00-5:00 pm

Session I (1:45-3:30)

(1) Trickery and Nothingness: Aspects of Shakespearean Drama

Chair: Stephanie Chamberlain (Southeast Missouri State U)

Kelly Roy (Southeast Missouri State U), "Justified Trickery: The Marriages of Rosalind and Helena"

Julie Goetz (Southeast Missouri State U), "Race as an Identity: The Question of Race in Othello"

Kristi Murray (Southeast Missouri State U), "A Study of King Lear and All its Nothings: Elements of Nihilism in Shakespeare's King Lear"

(2) Gender and Renaissance Poetry and Prose

Chair: Wooseong Yeom (U of Texas at Austin)

Charles Etheridge (Texas A&M U, Corpus Christi), "The Queens' Rhetoricians: Juan Luis Vives and Roger Ascham"

Denise Feldman (Berkeley College; St. John's U), "'By those rich Chaines': How Pressures of Class and Race Unsettle Female Solidarity in Aemilia Lanyer's Salve Deus Rex Judaerum"

(3) Four Political Philosophers: Bacon, Montaigne, Servetus, and Suarez

Chair: George Klawitter (St. Edward's U)

Bradley Irish (U of Texas at Austin): "Scholarship, Identity, and the Earl of Essex"

Joshua Casteel (U of Iowa Playwrights Workshop), "Labels of Skepticism"

Marian Hillar (Center for Philosophy and Socinian Studies), "Freedom of Conscience and Michael Servetus: The Beginning of Change of the Social Paradigm"

Matthew P. Lomanno (U of St. Thomas), "Suarez in the History of Political Philosophy"

(4) Tudor Literature: Conduct Books and Plague Dialogues

Chair: Arlen Nydam (U of Texas, Austin)

Catherine I. Cox (Texas A&M U, Corpus Christi), "Dialogues of Death from Bullein to Defoe"

Helaine Razovsky (Northwestern State U of Louisiana), "What's in a Title: Or, Constructing a Sub-Genre of Conduct Books"

Plenary Session: The William B. Hunter Lecture

Sponsored by Baylor University and the S-CRC

4:00-5:15          Dezavalan Room

Welcoming Remarks: S-CRC President Christine Getz (U of Iowa)
Clinton Brand (U of St. Thomas)

Introduction of Speaker: Maurice Hunt (Baylor U, S-CRC Program Chair)

"Renaissance Lyrics and Their Situations"

Paul Alpers
Class of 1942 Professor of English, Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley
and Professor-in-Residence, Smith College

RECEPTION 6:00-8:00


Session II (8:15-10:15)

(5) History and Religion

Chair: Mitchell Harris (U of Texas, Austin)

Steven Matthews (U of Minnesota, Duluth), "The Myth of Protestant Biblical Interpretation in the Lutheran Reformation"

Virginia Bernhard (U of St. Thomas), "'Other Armes': A Conflation of Politics, Religion, and Witchcraft in Bermuda, 1651-1655"

Emily Hunter McGowin (Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor U), "Hanserd Knollys and 'Mystical Babylon Unveiled' in Post-Restoration England"

Christopher Ohan (Southern Illinois U, Carbondale), "A Christian Remedy in a Climate of Fear: Francesco Bernadone, the War with Perugia, and Conversion"

Nicolas Hernandez, Jr. (Russell Sage College), "The Proto-convento in Huejotzingo and Early Labors of the Franciscans in Nueva España"

(6) Shakespeare I: Romeo and Juliet, King Lear, and Coriolanus"

Chair: Catherine I. Cox (Texas A&M U, Corpus Christi)

Sean Benson (Malone College), "Shakespeare's Resurrectionary Figurations: The Paradigm of Romeo and Juliet"

Nils Olov Fors (Texas A&M U, Corpus Christi), "Every Word a King"

Michael Berntsen (U of Louisiana, Lafayette) , "The Imposing Sense of Nothing in King Lear"

Doug Eskew (U of Texas, Austin), "Anatomy of a Footnote: The Double Location of Coriolanus 5.6"

(7) Renaissance Music

Chair: Christine Getz (U of Iowa)

Lester D. Brothers (Central Missouri State U), "Contextualizing Elizabethan Chromaticism: The Hexachord Fantasias"

Jeannie Lovett Barrick (Texas Tech U), "A Tale of Two Byrds: The English Anthems and Latin Motets"

Katherine Powers (California State U, Fullerton), "Playing the Tambourine during the Renaissance: A New Look at Iconographical Evidence"

Timothy R. McKinney (Baylor U), "Musical Sins in Orlando di Lasso's Penitential Psalms"

(8) Andrew Marvell's Poetry and His Religion

Sponsored by the Andrew Marvell Society

Chair: Elizabeth Skerpan-Wheeler (Texas State U, San Marcos)

Sean McDowell (Seattle U), "Lived Experiences in Marvell's 'A Dialogue between the Soul and Body"

George Klawitter (St. Edward's U), "Marvell's 'Garden' and the Myth of Narcissus"

Joan Faust (Southeastern Louisiana U), "'Upon Appleton House': To, About, and With My Lord Fairfax"

Nicholas von Maltzahn (U of Ottawa), "Andrew Marvell's Religion"

(9) John Webster and The Duchess of Malfi"

Chair: Meg Lota Brown (U of Arizona)

Andrea Albright (U of Arizona), "Theatricality and Sacred Violence in The Duchess of Malfi"

Stephen Sweat (U of Arizona), "'Bring it in better order': Reconfiguring the Patterning of Experience in The Duchess of Malfi"

Mid-Morning Refreshments (10:15)

Session III (10:30-12:00)

(10) Elizabeth I and Ireland

Sponsored by the Queen Elizabeth I Society

Organizer: Donald Stump (Saint Louis U)

Chair: Thomas Herron (East Carolina U)

Opening Remarks: Susan Doran (Christ Church College, Oxford U), Mistress of the Revels

Valerie McGowan-Doyle (Lorain Community College; University College Cork) "Elizabeth's Role in Elizabethan Imperialism in Ireland"

Keynote Address: Vincent Carey (State U of New York at Plattsburgh), "Elizabeth I and State Violence in Sixteenth-Century Ireland"

Respondent: Jean Brink (Huntington Library)

(11) Transgression, Gender, Ritual, and Sexualities in Early Modern Spain

Chair: Nicolas Hernandez, Jr. (Russell Sage College)

Asima F. X. Saad Maura (Haverford College), "Gender and Genre Transgression in a Spanish American Pastoral Novel"

Guillermo De Los Reyes (U of Houston), "Transgressing Illicit Genders and Sexualities in Colonial Mexico"

Lucas Marchante Aragon (The College of William and Mary), "The Indian Bride: Discourse and Ritual of Sexual Domination in the Hapsburg Empire"

(12) Shakespeare II: Comedy

Chair: Mickey Wadia (Austin Peay State U)

Miah Arnold (U of Houston), "The Confusion of Change: Globalization and The Comedy of Errors"

James Lambert (U of Arizona), "Nick Bottom: Pyramus, Thisbe, Lion, Anti-Theatricalist, Ass"

Alan J. Altimont (St. Edward's U), "Old Nedar's Daughter: Talmud, Synagogue, and A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Cindy Childress (U of Louisiana, Lafayette), "Objections of the Objects from Reported Love Speeches in Shakespeare's Comedies"

(13) Renaissance History

Chair: Irving Kelter (U of St. Thomas)

Leticia Alvarez-Recio (U of Seville, Spain), "Anti-Spanish Prejudice in Charles I's England (1625-1649): A Vehicle to Reinforce the Government or an Instrument for Attacks against the Monarchy?"

Edward J. Baenziger (U of St. Thomas), "Olivier de Serre and the Silkworm: How a Gardener Changed History"

Nadya Qamar Chishty-Mujahid (Independent Scholar), "The Triumph of Emmanuel Chrysoloras"

Mary C. Sommers (U of St. Thomas), "'Watch how these pilgrims travel': 'Life' and 'State' in Catherine of Siena's Dialogue

(14) English Renaissance Drama I

Chair: William Rampone (South Carolina State U)

Wooseong Yeom (U of Texas, Austin), "The Revenger's Asides"

Beverly M. Van Note (Texas A& M U, College Station), "'But Let That Pass': Self-Effacing Discourse in The Shoemaker's Holiday"

Justin Michael Kosec (Creighton U), "Exploratory National Representation and the Mobile Ethnic Instabilities in Thomas Heywood's The Fair Maid of the West, Part I"

Ann Christensen (U of Houston), "'Absent, weak, or unserviceable': The East India Company and the Domestic Economy in The Launching of the Mary, or The Seaman's Honest Wife"

(15) The Appeal of the Past

Sponsored by the Society for Renaissance Art History

Chair: John Alexander (Texas A & M U, College State)

Kristin A. Arioli (U of Southern California; U of Missouri, Kansas City), "Jacopo Ripanda, Trajan's Column, and Artistic Fame in Renaissance Rome"

Jill Carrington (Stephen F. Austin State U), "A Legacy to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston: Italian Renaissance Terracottas from the Collection of Edith A. and Percy S. Straus"

David Mayernik (U of Notre Dame), "Renaissance and Renaissances: Contemporary Classical Architecture and the Renaissance"

Lunch (12:00-1:30; on one's own)

Session IV (1:30-3:30)

(16) Material Culture and Literature

Chair: Maurice Hunt (Baylor U)

Heather Dubrow (U of Wisconsin, Madison), "The Materialist Turn: Towards a Redefinition of Early Modern Lyric"

Judith Owens (U of Manitoba), "Spenser's Irish Rivers"

Thomas Herron (East Carolina U), "'A marchandise whereof ther is no sale': Raleigh's 'Oceans Love to Scynthia' As Colonial Text"

(17) Bacon and Milton

Chair: Paul Parrish (Texas A&M U, College Station)

Margaret J. Oakes (Furman U), "'Entering Upon That One Path': Bacon's Knightly Quest for Knowledge"

Elizabeth Skerpan-Wheeler (Texas State U, San Marcos), "The Mysterie of Milton's 'Art of Logic' Unveil'd"

Mitchell M. Harris (U of Texas, Austin), "Light from Above: Radical Augustinianism and John Milton's Ethics of Inner Light"

Allen Rice (U of Central Oklahoma), "Milton the Uncertain Prophet"

(18) English Renaissance Drama II: Christopher Marlowe

Chair: Clifford Ronan (Texas State U, San Marcos)

Mark Jones (Trinity Christian College), "The Artificial Jew of Malta"

Elizabeth Human ( St. Louis U), "'That Female (?) Wanton Boy': Refunctioning Desire in Dido, Queen of Carthage"

Melissa Mayus (St. Louis U), "Taking the Audience Prisoner: Tamburlaine and English Captivity Narratives"

Sheri McCord (St. Louis U), "Leading Zenocrate: Militarizing Women and Establishing Empire in I Tamburlaine"

(19) Shakespeare III: The Merchant of Venice"

Chair: Sean Benson (Malone College)

Christopher Baker (Armstrong Atlantic State U), "Shylock and St. Paul"

Mickey Wadia (Austin Peay State U), "Paralyzing Drudgery or Incandescent Performances? Michael Radford's The Merchant of Venice"

Cathy Scott (Northeastern Oklahoma State U), "Alterity and Prejudice in The Merchant of Venice"

(20) Artists and Models

Sponsored by the Society for Renaissance Art History

Chair: Brian Steele (Texas Tech U)

Christopher Fulton (U of Louisville), "Antique and Life Models in Early Renaissance Drawing"

Kristin Shafranske (Pepperdine U), "Reflections of Spiritual Identity in Albrecht Dürer's Self-Portraiture"

Norman Land (U of Missouri, Columbia), "Michelangelo as a Murderer"

(21) False and Shifting Images of Elizabeth I

Sponsored by the Queen Elizabeth I Society

Chair: Meredith Skura (Rice U)

Sarah L. Duncan (Tulane U), "'Mooste lawfull heade and governesse': Mary I, Elizabeth I and the Corporeal Concept of Monarchy"

Grant Moss (Virginia Tech U), "'Are you now or have you ever been Queen of England?' Elizabeth, the 'Persian Lady' and the Vagaries of (Mis)Identification"

Susan Kendrick (Emporia State U), "'Begot by Mars': Elizabeth I and the Image of Chastity Militant in Thomas Blenerhasset's 'The Revelation of the True Minerva'"

Joyce Frei (Berkeley College), "The Media Myth of Elizabeth and Essex"

Plenary Session: The Louis Martz Lecture

Sponsored by the South-Central Renaissance Conference
and the Queen Elizabeth I Society

4:00-5:15          Cullen Auditorium

Introduction of Speaker: Donald Stump (St. Louis U)

"Elizabeth I and Her Favourites: The Case of Walter Raleigh"

Susan Doran
Lecturer in Early-Modern History
Christ Church College, Oxford U

Friday Reception

Co-Sponsored by The University of St. Thomas
and The Friends of the Doherty Library

5:30-7:00          Doherty Library

Friday Evening: Special Session

The Queen's Revels and Queen's Attic Auction

Sponsored by the Queen Elizabeth I Society

Nautile Room

9:00-10:30          Doubletree Hotel


8:00-8:30 Business Meeting

South-Central Renaissance Conference

8:30-9:00 Business Meetings

Queen Elizabeth I Society
Society for Renaissance Art History
The Andrew Marvell Society

Session V (9:00-10:30)

(22) Painting Personae: Bishops/Brides/Saints/Warriors

Sponsored by the Society for Renaissance Art History

Chair: Norman Land (U of Missouri, Columbia)

Doot Bokelman (Nazareth College), "Bermejo's 'Bishop Saint': An Abbot Dressed as a Bishop"

Jennifer Champoux (Boston U), "Roger van der Weyden's 'Standing Madonna' and 'St. Catherine': A Wedding Gift Symbolic of the Ideal Bride"

Margaret Flansburg (U of Central Oklahoma), "Simone Martini's and Ambrogio Lorenzetti's Paintings for Sant'Agostino: Augustinian Art under The Nove"

Julia Logan-Bourbois (Autry National Center), "Painted Soldiers: An Examination of Armor in 16th Century Portraiture"

(23) Seventeenth-Century English Literature

Chair: Roger Rouland (Baylor U)

Kate Gartner Frost (U of Texas, Austin), "Jonson's 'To Penshurst' and the Year 1605"

Kate Narveson (Luther College), "Donne's 'Canonization' and the Trope of Poetic Immortality"

Robert G. Collmer (Baylor U), "Donne and Bunyan: A Study of Inverted Proportionality with Dutch as Intermediary"

Paul A. Parrish (Texas A&M U, College Station), "Front Matters: Editions of Crashaw in the Seventeenth Century"

(24) Pageants and Prayerbooks: Elizabeth I Presents Herself to Her People

Sponsored by the Queen Elizabeth I Society

Chair: Donald Stump (St. Louis U)

Elizabeth Zeman (U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), "Elizabeth I, Lady Russell, and Female Alliances through Progress"

Timothy Moylan (Saint Louis U), "Advising the Queen: The Theme of Good Governance in Civic Entry Pageantry"

Keynote Address: Linda Shenk (Iowa State U), "Elizabeth I at Prayer: Godliness, Learning, and the Anxieties of Female Rule"

Closing Remarks: Susan Doran, Mistress of the Revels

(25) English Renaissance Drama III: Thomas Middleton

Chair: Louis Charles Stagg (Memphis State U)

Nancy Bunker (Macon State College), "Revenge of the Cozened: A Legacy of Redress and Retribution"

Ryan Paul (U of Arizona), "Moll Cutpurse and the Disruption of the Sexual Economy"

Jossalyn Thiel (St. Louis U), "''Mongst Things Corruptible': Madness in Middleton and Rowley's The Changeling"

(26) Shakespeare IV

Chair: David Reinheimer (Southeast Missouri State U)

Clifford Ronan (Texas State U, San Marcos), "The Aqueous and Annihilated in the Marlowe-Shakespeare Relationship"

William Reginald Rampone, Jr. (South Carolina State U), "Disciplining Desire in Measure for Measure"

Mid-Morning Refreshments (10:30)

Session VI (10:45-12:15)

(27) French Renaissance Literature

Chair: Maurice Hunt (Baylor U)

Catherine E. Campbell (Cottey College), "On the Banks of the Nile: Egypt in French Renaissance Theatre"

Megan Conway (Louisiana State U, Shreveport), "Physical Space/Mental Space/Narrative Space: Locating Love in Helisenne de Cranne's Les Angoisses"

(28) English Renaissance Drama IV: Encountering the Turk

Chair: Meredith Skura (Rice U)

Jill Delsigne (Rice U), "'To this End, the Bashaw I Became': The Muslim in the Spaniard in The Spanish Tragedy and Soliman and Perseda"

Jeffrey E. Jackson (Rice U), "'We Call them Priests at Venice': Catholics and Turks in Philip Massinger's The Renegado"

Teresa Yu-wen Wei (Rice U), "Early Modern Polemical Metaphors of Captivity in Philip Massinger's The Renegado"

Joy Pasini (Rice U), "Imperial Encounters: The Ottoman Empire in Early Modern English Drama"

(29) Sidney and Spenser

Chair: Kate Frost (U of Texas, Austin)

Jessie Herrada (Texas State U, San Marcos), "'Peevish Imperfections': Parthenia's Gender Slippage in Philip Sidney's Arcadia"

Arlen Nydam (U of Texas, Austin), "Sidney's Catholic Semiotic"

Roger W. Rouland (Baylor U), "Bringing to Light the Just Term: Edmund Spenser's Art of Definition"

(30) Shakespeare V: The Tempest"

Chair: Ann Christensen (U of Houston)

W. Scott Howard (U of Denver), "A Silent Tempest: Screening Shakespeare in 1908"

Louis Charles Stagg (U of Memphis), "Ariel's Story: From Tree to Free


Closing Luncheon


Scanlan Hall
Jerabeck Athletic Center
University of St. Thomas

Presiding: Christine Getz (U of Iowa), S-CRC President

Introduction: Irving Kelter (U of St. Thomas)

Keynote Lecture

"Was the Renaissance Strange?"

John Jeffries Martin
Professor of Early Modern European History
Trinity University