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Exploring the Renaissance 2005

Pepperdine University and the Huntington Library
March 3-5, 2005

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Thursday, March 3

All Sessions at Villa Graziadio Executive Center, Pepperdine University, Malibu

12:00-5:15 p.m. Registration

1:00-2:30 p.m. Session 1

Dialogue and the Early Modern Lyric: Voices of a Genre

Organizer and Chair: Jacob Blevins (McNeese State University)

John Evertt Bird (Columbia University), "Producing (and Reproducing)Professional Identity in Thomas Edward's Narcissus"

Jacob Blevins (McNeese State University), "Finding Fit Words: Public Voices and the Private Self in Shakespeare's Sonnets"

W. Scott Howard (University of Denver), "That Noble Flame: Literary History and Redemptive Time in Katherine Philips' Elegies and Society of Friendship"

Harriette Andreadis (Texas A & M University), "Some Versions of Pastoral: Women's Queer Spaces"

Arms and Armor Society of America

Chair: Julia Bourbois (Autry National Center)

Oliver Pinchot (Center for Near Eastern Studies, University of California, Los Angeles), "Gold, Steel, Semiotics and Provenance: Observations on a Spanish Helmet"

John Clements (Independent Scholar), "The Myth of the Clumsy Knight in Heavy Armor"

Freyda Spira (University of Pennsylvania), "The Power of Women: Armor Designers and Printmakers in Sixteenth-Century Germany"

Women in Fairy Tales in Early Modern English Culture and Drama

Sponsor: Society for the Study of Early Modern Women Chair: Timothy Elston (Newberry College)

Shawndra Holderby (Mansfield University), "Evil and Unnatural: Stepmothers as Witches in Early Modern Fairy Tales"

Regina Buccola (Roosevelt University), "Dr. She and Other Improbabilities, or How a Pinch of Fairy Lore Solves a World of Problems in All's Well That Ends Well"

Richardine Woodall (York University), "'The fancy outwork nature': Cleopatra and the Fairy Tale Tradition"

The Dynamics of Character in Shakespeare's Plays

Chair: Catherine Campbell (Cottey College)

Glenn Odom and Bryan Reynolds (University of California, Irvine), "Oh Other, Where Art Thou: Boundary Crossing in Titus Andronicus"

John R. Ford (Delta State University), "Wherefore Art Thou Balthasar? The Hazards of Doubling in Romeo and Juliet"

Timothy Moylan (Saint Louis University), "'What You Know, You Know:' Yet Another Look at Iago's Motivation"

Flo Keyes (Castleton State College), "Beyond Words: The Effects of Various Final Tableaux in Performances of The Merchant of Venice"

Milton and Others

Chair: Sandra Mayfield (University of Central Oklahoma)

Alice Berghof (University of California, Irvine), "The Failure of Prophesy in Rembrandt and Milton"

Heather Claytor (Texas State University, San Marcos), "To Sleep, Perchance to Dream: Reflections on Shakespeare and Milton"

Paul, Ryan (Texas State University, San Marcos), "'For from thy wombe a famous Progenee,' or 'By me the Promised Seed shall all restore': Spenser, Milton, and the Rehabilitation of Eve"

2:45-3:45 p.m. Session 2

The Saintly and the Divine in 16th-Century Italian Art

Sponsor: Society for Renaissance Art History Chair: Liana di Girolami Cheney (University of Massachusetts, Lowell)

Sally J. Cornelison (University of Kansas), "Tales of Two Bishop Saints: Zenobius and Antoninus in Florentine Renaissance and History"

Michael Schwartz (Augusta State University), "Into Silence: Raphael's Art of Transcendence"

Charles Borromeo as a Patron of Architecture and Music

Chair: Brian D. Steele (Texas Tech University)

John Alexander (Texas A & M University), "Borromeo and the Architecture of Convent Reform (1564– 1565)"

Christine Getz (University of Iowa), "Of Innocent Pastimes, Incompetent Playing, and Chromatic Music: The Milanese Resistance to Carlo Borromeo's Musical Policies"

Shakespeare and the Queen

Sponsor: Queen Elizabeth I Society

Organizers: Donald Stump (Saint Louis University), "and Carole Levin (University of Nebraska)

Chair: Tim Moylan (Saint Louis University)

Opening Remarks: John Watkins (University of Minnesota), Master of the Revels

Barbara Mather Cobb (Murray State University), "Accession and Futility: Shakespeare, Audience, and the Henriad"

Xochitl Gilkeson (University of Wisconsin), "Side by Side and Beside Themselves: Elizabeth I, Shakespeare's Cleopatra, and the Doubling of the Sovereign Self"

Sickness and Health

Chair: Paul Parrish (Texas A & M University)

Catherine I. Cox (Texas A & M University, Corpus Christi), "'What if the sickness should come...who would I willing spare?': Private Voices and the Plague in Early Modern England"

Donald R. Dickson (Texas A & M University), "Henry Vaughan's Medical Library"

Speaking of Love (and Beyond)

Chair: Raymond-Jean Frontain (University of Central Arkansas)

Diane Grahovac (Independent Scholar), "Beyond Love's Lamentations in Sidney's Astrophil and Stella"

Emily Isaacson (University of Missouri, Columbia), "Containing Amoret: Finding a Happy Marriage in The Faerie Queene"

Renaissance Rhetoric

Chair: Charles Etheridge (Texas A & M U–Corpus Christi)

Michael McClintock (McKendree College), "Authority in the Vernacular: Thomas Wilson's Rhetoric and Logic in the Reign of Edward VI"

Denna Iammarino (John Carroll University), "Anchored in Reason: The Presence of Classical and Augustinian Rhetorical Traditions in Edmund Spenser's Fowre Hymnes"

4:00-5:15 p.m.

William B. Hunter Lecture

Andrew Ladis (University of Georgia), "Giotto and That Obscure Object of Desire" (Auditorium)

5:15-6:15 p.m.

Reception (Villa Graziadio Executive Center Patio)

6:15 p.m.

Dinner (on one's own)

Shuttles available to bring guests back to Warner Marriott-nearby restaurants

Shuttle to Malibu restaurants for those staying at Villa Graziadio Executive Center

7:00-10:30 p.m.

SCRC Executive Board dinner and meeting (Villa Graziadio Executive Dining Room)

Friday, March 4

All Sessions at Pepperdine University, Malibu

7:15 a.m.

Shuttle boarding at Warner Marriott

7:30 a.m.

Rockwell Drescher Cafeteria open for breakfast (for purchase)

8:00-8:30 a.m.

SCRC Business Meeting

8:30-9:00 a.m.

Affiliates' Business Meetings

Queen Elizabeth I Society

Andrew Marvell Society

Renaissance Art History Society

Society for the Study of Early Modern Women

9:00-10:00 a.m. Session 3

Giorgio Vasari: Artist and Critic

Sponsor: Society for Renaissance Art History

Chair: Norman E. Land (University of Missouri, Columbia)

Liana De Girolami Cheney (University of Massachusettes, Lowell), "Giorgio Vasari's Iconologia: The Chamber of Fortune's Allegories of Virtues in the Casa Vasari"

Karen Goodchild (Wofford College), "Vasari, Bronzino and the Burlesque"

Visual Culture

Chair: John Alexander (Texas A & M University)

Maria DePrano (University of California, Los Angeles), "The Three Graces Emblem: An Exploration of Three Medals by Niccolò Fiorentino Based Upon the Gender of the Sitter"

Miranda Mollendorf (University of Minnesota), "The Duplicitous Mirror of Nature: Reflections on a Rustic Basin by Bernard Palissy"

Edmund Spenser and His (Not Exactly Fairy), "Queen, Part 1

Sponsor: Queen Elizabeth I Society Chair: Keith Drake (Weatherford College)

Joan Fitzpatrick (University College Northampton, United Kingdom), "Flesh and Metal: Aspects of Elizabeth I in Spenser's Book of Justice"

Jean R. Brink (Arizona State University), "Spenser in Ireland: The Grey Administration, 1580-1582"

General Session

Chair: Martha Oberle (Frederick Community College)

Mark Jones (Trinity Christian College), "Salerio, Solanio, and 'all the boys in Venice'"

Christopher Baker (Armstrong Atlantic State University), "Elizabethan Flies: Variations on a Poetic Trope"

Women Authors

Chair: Susan Cosby Ronnenberg (Viterbo University)

Sinda K. Vanderpool (Baylor University), "'More You than I': Power and Female Learning in the Early French Reform"

David Cormier (Saint Louis University), "Rereading Lucy Hutchinson's The Life of Colonel Hutchinson and Order and Disorder: Ebb, Flow, and the Resurrection of a Female Voice"

Textual Studies

Chair: Mary Villeponteaux (University of Southern Mississippi)

Paul M. Dover (Georgian Court University), "The Renaissance Popularity of 'Pliny's Ape': Early Printed Versions of Solinus' Collectanea Rerum Memorabilium"

Marian Hillar (Center for Philosophy and Socinian Studies, Houston), "Transcription of the Sixteenth-Century Manuscript by Michael Servetus, Declarationis Iesu Christi Filii Dei libri quinque"

10:15-11:40 a.m. Session 4

Michelangelo's Hand

Chair: Sally J. Cornelison (University of Kansas)

Robert J. Tallaksen (West Virginia University), "The Handwriting of Michelangelo: Its Transformation from Gothic to Humanistic"

William M. Jensen (Baylor University), "A Scandal in the Sistine Ceiling? The Virgin Mary as Promiscuous Coquette? A Semiotic Exploration of the Jacob-Joseph Lunette"

Seventeenth-Century Art

Chair: Martha M. Schloetzer (Carnegie Museum of Art)

Robert G. Collmer (Baylor University), "Valladolid in 1600: The English College, the Damaged Virgin, and Prospective Martyrs"

Brian D. Steele (Texas Tech University), "Rubens's Paragone: Competing with and 'as' Pygmalion"

Painting, Love and Mowers in Andrew Marvell

Sponsor: Andrew Marvell Society

Chair: Donald R. Dickson (Texas A & M University)

Andrew Fleck (San Jose State University), "Changing the Perspective on the Painter: Republican Discourse and Marvell's Advices to the Painter"

Matt Harkins (Washington University), "An 'Antedate' for 'Young Love'"

George Klawitter (St. Edward's University), "Marvell's Damon the Mower as Orpheus"

Renaissance Music in Context

Chair: Christine Getz (University of Iowa)

Jennifer Thomas (University of Florida), "Benedicta es caelorum: Ars Perfecta in Tribute to Mary"

Lester D. Brothers (University of North Texas), "Marking Time, Making Music: On Science and Music in Compositions for the Elizabethan Consort"

Edmund Spenser and His (Not Exactly Fairy), "Queen, Part 2

Sponsor: Queen Elizabeth I Society

Chair: Mark Jones (Trinity Christian College)

Edward M. Test (University of California at Santa Barbara), "Transcribing New World Histories in Spenser's The Faerie Queene"

Thomas Herron (Hampden-Sydney College), "'Faire Graces Many One': Una, Duessa and Rule in Ireland"

Donald Stump (Saint Louis University), "Una in the Wilderness: Spenser and the 'Miraculous Preservation' of Princess Elizabeth"

11:50 a.m.

Shuttles depart Villa Graziadio Executive Center for main campus

Noon-1:00 p.m.

Lunch (Rockwell Dining Center, Main Campus)

1:15-2:00 p.m.

Concord Ensemble (Stauffer Chapel)

2:00-2:45 p.m.

The Louis Martz Lecture

Frank Ardolino (University of Hawaii), "The Induction of Sly: The Influence of The Spanish Tragedy on the Two Shrews" (Stauffer Chapel)

2:45 p.m.

Shuttle departs Stauffer Chapel for Villa Graziadio Executive Center

3:00-4:30 p.m. Session 5

The Art of Northern Italy

Chair: Edward J. Olszewski (Case Western Reserve University)

Jill Carrington (Stephen F. Austin State University), "Bellano's Madonna Panel of the Roccabonella Monument: a Case Study in Observant Franciscan Art"

Martha M. Schloetzer, (Carnegie Museum of Art), "When Two is Better Than One: Exploring The Cleveland Museum of Art's Portrait of a Couple"

Giles Pennington (Albuquerque Academy), "The Renewal of a Tradition: A Post-Tridentine Interpretation of Barocci and Caravaggio"

Ovid in Art, Music and Literature

Chair: Lester D. Brothers (University of North Texas)

Carolina Alarcon (American University), "Never make a pretty woman your wife: Tintoretto's Unconventional Interpretation of Ovidian Mythology"

Hiroyuki Minamino (Independent Scholar), "Orpheus in the Renaissance and the Power of Music"

Literary History

Chair: Joan Fitzpatrick (University College Northampton, UK)

Irving A. Kelter (University of St. Thomas), "Paul Minerva of Bari and The Dominican Opposition to Copernicus"

Carol Curt Enos (Independent Scholar), "Shakespeare's Lancashire Links"

Sean McDowell (Seattle University), "Richard Crashaw's Reputation in the 1650s: Insights from an Imitator"

Michael Vander Weele (Trinity Christian College), "Herbert's 'The Parson Catechizing' and The Temple as Social Practice"

General Session

Chair: Louis Charles Stagg (University of Memphis)

Paul A. Marquis (St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia), "Interiority and Dissent: Editorial Design in Richard Edward's Paradise of Dainty Devices"

Raymond-Jean Frontain (University of Central Arkansas), "'Much Wit in Praise of Folly': Thomas Coryate's Ludic Humanism"

Joshua Phillips (University of Memphis), "Communicative Ethics, Shame, and Property in Sir Philip Sidney's Arcadia"

Images of Elizabeth: Paintings, Letters, and Tombs

Sponsor: Queen Elizabeth I Society

Chair: Donald Stump (Saint Louis University)

Anna Riehl (University of Illinois at Chicago), "Hilliard's Elizabeth: '. . . by falsehood to expresse truth . . .'"

Jeri McIntosh (Johns Hopkins University), "Questioning the Thomas Seymour Affair: Re-reading and Re-dating Princess Elizabeth's Correspondence with Katherine Parr"

Catherine L. Howey (Rutgers University), "Grave Histories: Women's Bodies Writing Elizabethan History"

Gender and Power in Renaissance Literature

Chair: Darryl Tippens (Pepperdine University)

Susan K. Silver (University of Memphis), "Satan and Saturn: Women, Witches, and the Appropriation of Power in Renaissance France"

Patricia M. García (Our Lady of the Lake University), "Catholic Martyrs, Mothers, and Wives in the Early Modern Period: The Lives of Margaret Clitherow and Elizabeth Cary"

Charles Etheridge (Texas A & M University, Corpus Christi), ""'Orlando! Thou Art Overthrown': Wrestling in As You Like It"

4:45-6:00 p.m. Session 6

Masculine and Feminine in Shakespeare's Plays

Chair: David Reinheimer (Southeast Missouri State University)

Constantina Michalos (Houston Baptist University), "Shakespeare's Feminized Friar"

Stephanie Chamberlain (Southeast Missouri State University), "Designing Women: Enforced Marriage and Patrilineage in All's Well that Ends Well and Measure for Measure"

Mary Steible (Purdue University, North Central), "Shakespeare's Roman Matrons"

Biographical News on Marvell Since the Tercentenary

Sponsor: Andrew Marvell Society

Chair: Annabel Patterson (Yale University)

Nigel Smith (Princeton University), ""Marvell and the New Biography"

Nicholas von Maltzahn (University of Ottawa), "Marvell's Public Service and the Publication of Miscellaneous Poems"

The Afterlife of Elizabeth: From Tyrant to Amazon to Benign Monarch

Sponsor: Queen Elizabeth I Society

Chair: Joyce Frei (Berkeley College)

Mary Villeponteaux (University of Southern Mississippi), "To Be Jezebel: Mary, Elizabeth, and Early Modern Attitudes Towards Woman's Rule"

David Grant Moss (Virginia Tech), "From Martyr to Warrior: Elizabeth I in the Works of Thomas Heywood"

Samantha A. Morgan-Curtis (Tennessee State University), "'The New Elizabethanism': Nostalgia for and Representation of Queen Elizabeth I in Twenty-First Century Graphic Universe"


Chair: Susan Allen Ford (Delta State University)

Margaret J. Oakes (Furman University), "Comus and Satan: Familiar Faces of Vice"

Elizabeth Skerpan-Wheeler (Texas State University, San Marcos), "Milton in Revision: Liberty and Risk"

Sharon Hampel (University of Colorado, Boulder), "'The Earth was Formed': Milton, Ebraeo, Kabbalah, and the Perfectable World"

6:15 p.m.

Shuttles depart Villa Graziadio Executive Center for Third Street Promenade and Warner Marriott

9:00 & 9:30 p.m.

Shuttles depart Third Street Promenade for Villa Graziadio Executive Center and Warner Marriott

Saturday, March 5

All Sessions at The Huntington Library, San Marino

7:45 a.m.

Shuttle departs Villa Graziadio Executive Center for the Huntington Library

8:00 a.m.

Shuttle departs Warner Marriott for Huntington Library

8:30-9:00 a.m.

Registration (Friends' Hall), " coffee and pastries

9:00-10:30 a.m. Session 7

Interpreting Italian Renaissance Art (Friends' Hall)

Chair: Jill Carrington (Stephen F. Austin State University)

Donna Gillotte (University of New Haven and Southern Conneticut State University), "Florence as the New Jerusalem in the Frescoes in the Guild Hall of Judges and Notaries"

Edward J. Olszewski (Case Western Reserve University), "Suggestions for the Subject of Pallaiuolo's Ten Battling Nude Men"

Donna Bilak (The Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts Design and Culture), "An Analysis of Bronzino's Portrait of a Young Man."

Keynote Lectures on Elizabeth, Part 1 (Overseer's Room)

Sponsor: Queen Elizabeth I Society

Chair: Ilona Bell (Williams College)

Norman Jones (Utah State University), "Elizabeth, Cecil and the Pragmatics of Rule: Managing Elizabethan England"

Brandie Sigfried (Brigham Young University), "Irish Challenges to Elizabethan Sovereignty: The Case of Gráinne O'Malley"

Royal Marriage and Chastity (Munger seminar room—Seaver Classroom #2), "Chair: To be announced

Manuela Carvalho (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal), "Royal Weddings, Politics and Vicente's Plays of Occasion

Adrienne L. Eastwood (University of California, San Diego), "In the Shadow of the Queen: Sixteenth-Century Royal Epithalamia and the Gynecocratic Debates

Joseph M. González (California State University Fullerton), "Crowned Virgins and Virgin Queens: the Construction of Feminine Royal Power in sixteenth-century Sweden

Witchcraft in Early Modern England (Munger seminar room—Seaver Classroom #3)

Sponsor: Society for the Study of Early Modern Women

Chair: Timothy Elston (Newberry College)

Martha Skeeters (University of Oklahoma), "The Intersection of Gender and Economy in a Sixteenth-Century English Witchcraft Case"

Shannon Meyer (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), "Wo(man)'s Best Friend: The Canine Familiar in the Lancashire Witch Trials of 1612"

Diana Laulainen-Schein (Arizona State University), "Shee had done good, and Never did any Hurt': Witchcraft Accusations against Cunning Folk in Early Modern Lancashire"

10:30 - 10:45 a.m. Break

10:45 a.m - 12:15 p.m. Session 8

Art and Literature (Overseer's Room)

Chair: Michael Schwartz (Augusta State University)

Marina Della Putta Johnston (Rosemont College), "Renaissance Visualizations of the Heart from Boccaccio's Decameron"

Norman E. Land (University of Missouri, Columbia), "Leonardo da Vinci, Fra Filippo Lippi and Apelles in a Tale by Matteo Bandello"

Irene Trevor Brooke (Independent Scholar), "Lodovico Dolce and Titian's Poesie"

Keynote Lectures on Elizabeth I, Part 2 (Friends' Hall)

Chair: Carole Levin

Clark Hulse (University of Illinois at Chicago), "Elizabeth I and the Shadow of Place"

Roundtable: Norman Jones, Brandie Sigfried, and Clark Hulse

Closing Remarks: John Watkins (University of Minnesota), Master of the Revels

Anathemas (Munger Seminar Room—Seaver Classroom #2)

Chair: To be announced

Genevieve Guenther (University of Rochester), "Protestant Conjuration and Theatrical Performativity, or Why there were Extra Devils on the Faustian Stage"

Costanza Dopfel (Saint Mary's College of California), "Portraying the Enemy: Pius II's Commentarii and the Making of Sigismondo Malatesta's Infernal Legend"

Sadia Abbas (University of Michigan), "Reading Blasphemy and Sex in Donne's Profane Poetry"

Theater, History and Morality (Munger Seminar Room—Seaver Classroom #3)

Chair: David Grant Moss (Virginia Tech)

Nabil Matar (Florida Institute of Technology), "The 1589 Moroccan Delegation and The Battle of Alcazar"

Nancy Bunker (Macon State College), "Of Mysterious Origin, but with Purpose Clear: Recovering The Wisest Have Their Fools About Them as Inns of Court Drama"

Helaine Razovsky (Northwestern State University), "Cross Dressing and Morality in Dekker and Middleton's The Roaring Girl"

12:15-1:15 p.m.

Luncheon (Garden Terrace adjacent to Friends' Hall)

1:15-2:00 p.m.

Plenary Address, John Marino, (University of California, San Diego), "Why a Dialogue Makes Better History: A Courtier on Late Renaissance Naples"

2:00 p.m.

Closing Remarks by Ria O'Foghludha, incoming RCSC President

2:00-3:30 p.m.

Reception and Music (Garden Terrace)

For SCRC Participants:

3:00 & 5:00 p.m.

Shuttle departs for Warner Center Marriott and Villa Graziadio Executive Center

Getty Museum of Art Tour

3:00 p.m.: Shuttle departs for Getty Museum (advance reservations required)

4:00-5:15 p.m.: Tour of Getty Museum

5:30 p.m.: Shuttle departs from Getty Museum back to hotels

Huntington Library, Art Collection, and Botanical Gardens Tour

3:00-4:00 p.m.: Guided tour of the Huntington grounds (advance reservations required)

4:00-4:45 p.m.: Free time to tour grounds and library

5:00 p.m.: Shuttles depart from the Huntington back to hotels